Hi, I am Mario Fraiss.

Entrepreneur, author, global networker,
expert for digital processes and startup mentor,
living in Austria, Europe.

🌐 Connect with me on LinkedIn and twitter. I speak English and German.

I am working in the digital and IT-industry for more than 17 years now. Over the years I became an expert regarding the complete production and development chain of digital products, services & processes and digital business models.

I started my first business when I was 17 and already worked with leading companies and have been falling in love with startups.

I love to share my experience, exchange and discuss ideas. I love to help others where I can and to interconnect them with others. Now, you are invited to connect with me. I’m also happy if you want to hire me for your next project, let’s build something truly great together!

Warum du als GrĂźnderIn auf eine Dreiecksbeziehung investieren solltest!

Ich treffe tagtäglich auf viele GrĂźnderInnen und stelle dabei häufig fest, dass vielfach besonders die Basics fĂźr eine solide aber vor allem abgesicherte Selbstständigkeit nicht erfĂźllt sind. Ein Umstand, der besonders nach den ersten Jahren als SelbständigeR zu nachhaltigen Schwierigkeiten fĂźhren kann. In diesem Artikel zeige ich dir einige grundlegende Dinge auf, die du als angehendeR …

Warum ich nicht arbeite.

Viele Menschen fragen mich und kommen auf mich zu und wollen wissen, wie meine tägliche Arbeit abläuft. Erst neulich, wollte eine GrĂźnderin die gerade erst vor ein paar Monaten mit ihrem Startup begonnen hat von mir wissen, wieviele Stunden ich pro Woche arbeite und wie sich diese Stundenanzahl Ăźber die Jahre hinweg verändert hat. Ich …

How to recover your (obviously) dead Lumia or HTC Windows Phone

Sometimes mobile phones don’t work as expected and sometimes, they don’t work at all. Today, my Nokia Lumia 1520 decided not to boot up! It even denied to load the battery, all I’ve seen was the black screen. What a good start for the day. First web search brought information concerning different methods, to “revive” a dead …

BUILD: What’s new for XAML in Visual Studio 2015

At the Build Conference, there were many announcements in the field of development. On of these Areas are the upcoming features of Visual Studio 2015, in this case about new tools and functions for XAML. Here are the major updates, which have been shown.

Setup your Raspberry Pi with Windows 10 IoT in a Hyper-V or physical environment

Recently, Microsoft has announced and released Windows 10 for Devices, called IoT. To download the current Version of Windows 10 IoT for Rasperry Pi you have to sign up for Microsoft Connect and more. Follow the steps below, to setup your Pi. In general you will need a physical device, which is running a Windows 10 preview build, but in this post I describe you a way, to setup your SD card as a physical hard drive to be able to do it in a Hyper-V environment.

Blog relaunch: New design, focused topics

After a long time period of being silent on this blog, I relaunch it with a fresh new design and a more focused topic range. In future I blog about…

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