BUILD: What’s new for XAML in Visual Studio 2015

At the Build Conference, there were many announcements in the field of development. On of these Areas are the upcoming features of Visual Studio 2015, in this case about new tools and functions for XAML. Here are the major updates, which have been shown.

General features and Blend for Visual Studio 2015

Support for UI Debugging

  • Added UI Debugging for XAML, including Visual tree inspection and Manipulation.
  • Live tracking of tree and property changes.
  • Full integration into the debugging process.
  • Display UI and Layout adorners to diagnose margin and padding in realtime.xaml_adorners
  • Introduced Preview-Selection Mode, which means that the active selection in the UI tree is applied to the XAML document selection.
  • The property Explorer now supports editing of properties, which are applied to the live running application.
  • Added realtime debugging of Data Binding and deep exploring of properties

Profiling & Layouting

  • Added great improvements concerning profiling (CPU, Loading Times and more).xaml_profiling
  • Support of adaptive layout approaches, which are necessary for Universal App development.
  • Support for visual states and triggers
  • Realization of tailored views by sharing .xaml content, with same code behind.

All in all, there are many really great improvements and new functions, which are now available to all XAML developers, and I’m excited about whats coming in next versions. A sneak Peak to future plans is already public:

  • Serializing edits back into source
  • Support of Edit’n continue
  • Visualization of data Debugging
  • Support remote profiling

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