Over the last few months I was really busy and for that reason I haven’t posted any updates for some time.

Now I’m back and my next journey begins right now. Over the next months I’m going to learn and work with Unity. From my current perspective I’m an experienced UI-designer and programmer (in many different languages, but primary C# and the .NET framework) and the next level I want to reach is getting deeper into gamedesign and game programming at all.

First I’m going to learn the basics of unity itself and try to get familiar with the IDE and the tools Unity 5 provides. For those of you, who havent heard about Unity read more about the product here.

I’m excited where this journey will lead me in the future. Stay tuned for my first results.

Published by mariofraiss

Mario Fraiss is an entrepreneur, author, global networker, expert for digital processes, and startup mentor, Founder & CEO of FRAISS. He works in the digital and IT-industry for more than 17 years now and is an expert regarding the complete production and development chain of digital products, services & processes, and digital business models. He loves to share his experience, exchange, and discuss ideas.

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