Top 5 new features of Windows 10 2004 – May 2020 Update

Microsoft recently launched it’s newest update for the Windows 10 system. In this post I’ll take a brief look on the top 5 features of this new release.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2

WSL 1 has been introduced a while ago, now we can clap our hands and welcome WSL 2, the new version. The major improvement is that GUI based applications are finding their way into the runtime environment.

First to get started, just head over to:

There you find every resource you need to get started.

Cortana Update

In short, Cortana got a major update and is now a separated app. You can see that, as soon as you start the new Cortana app. Microsofts target is to make Cortana more conversational – understanding natural languaages in a better way. At the moment Cortona has a lack of functionality and is doing it’s job not so good.

To get a more detailed summary of the news features just go to:

Your Phone

Windows actually can now connect to your phone, for that you need to install the companion App on your mobile device. You find the links below. Features are access to your notifications, calls. You can now start calls from your PC by using your phone, which is really kind of handy. In previous versions it was also possible to see the phonescreen. Additionally you’ll find information about your battery.

Get your phone for Android

Get your phone for iOS

New Windows 10 Icons

Before you start laughing, go ahead. Generally speaking, they presented new Icons for the Office suite and the common UWP applications like Mail. Not so exciting but the more interesting fact is, that this new icons could let us see into the future of Windows 10.x, moreover there have been rumors that the tile-based start-area is going away in future releases. We stay tuned.

Windows Cloud Reset

I would say, this is one of the major new features in this new release. This new feature allows you to reset your windows by downloading an actual image from the cloud, instead of compiling a current version of the OS on your PC which can save you a lot of time, depending on your environment.

So those were the new top 5 features from Windows 10 2004 and I hope you enjoyed reading my article. If you want to read about the release notes and the other new features, you can find them at:

As always, feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

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